Marble Sills


Every window has a different width and depth where the window sill would be placed. However, there are standard width and lengths of windows typically used in the market. The 3 standard lengths of marble window sills available are 150cm, 125cm and 100cm.

The thickness of the window sills is usually 2cm (20mm). However, if requested as special orders, we can produce 3cm thick (30mm) window sills. Please do not forget that every special order requires a minimum order quantity and 10 weeks lead-time.


150cm x 22cm x 2cm, 125cm x 22cm x 2cm, 100cm x 22cm x 2cm, 150cm x 27cm x 2cm, 125cm x 27cm x 2cm, 100cm x 27cm x 2cm, 110cm x 50cm x 2cm


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