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There’s something charming about old houses, and Maltese townhouses and houses of character are no exception! However, older homes tend to have closed off, separate rooms which block off natural light and hinder the home’s flow. Take a look at some ways of how you can transform the feel of a space and create a lovely combination of old charm and modern freshness.


By taking down unnecessary walls and creating a more open layout, you can create a flow of natural light and feeling of openness. If, however, that is not possible, there are some less drastic ways of creating a modern feel and the illusion of space; paint! Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint when it comes to injecting life into a drab old wall. For maximum brilliance, white does the trick.


Gypsum soffits with modern LED spotlights have the amazing ability to add dimension and a modern twist to any space. A soffit can also be built to create a feeling of cosiness in houses which have a cavernous feel due to very high ceilings.


The easiest way to modernise a space is through appropriate accessorising. Add a pop of colour with modern accent pieces such as art, cushions, throws, rugs, and fixtures. Don’t forget about the doors too! Old, wooden doors are pretty; they play a big part in lending old houses their charm and magic. Mixing it up and replacing the old doorknob with something more contemporary, such as a plain one made out of glass, will give your old door new life as well as a hint of attitude!


Tiles cover the whole surface area of your home, so it’s no wonder why the impact they have on the feel of your space is so huge. Consider investing in beautiful natural stone such as marble or travertine to accentuate your home’s charm, or use them to create a gorgeous kitchen backsplash. Both marble and travertine are extremely versatile materials, so you can use the same material around your house but with different finishes and colours, giving off a unified but unique overall feel.

Combining old and new materials correctly will make your space look like it’s fresh out of an interior design magazine. Whether you love the contrast of the old and the new or prefer a totally modern feel, the Natural Stone Warehouse has the tiles for you. Here at the Natural Stone Warehouse we are proud to stock some of the purest travertine Malta has to offer. Not only do we deliver our own products, but we also install them – so feel free to consult our team for any advice regarding cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re looking for providers of natural stone in Malta to beautify your home, look no further than the Natural Stone Warehouse!

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