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From the prestigious Carrara to the gorgeous ice and yellow shades of Onyx, marble is traditionally associated with luxury and wealth. Its lovely smooth texture and aesthetically-pleasing colours give a sense of lavishness to whatever room it’s found in.

In addition to the vast range available, it is possible to create your own design and personalise your spaces. Marble sets no limits when it comes to imagination, creating unique interiors to suit everyone’s tastes and trends.

Check out some places in the home where marble walls can be used to pull the room together.


Marble walls in the kitchen often take the form of a marble backsplash. With most aspiring to a clean, crisp look, it is no wonder the kitchen is the most popular destination for marble walls! If you already have wooden elements such as a wood-crafted island top and are going for a warm-meets-cool space, marble walls will do the trick and provide contemporary freshness like no other!


Many modern bathrooms also strive for a clean, uncluttered look, so marble is often a natural choice for these tranquil rooms. But forget about the palatial, ornate vibe that marble was once used to conjure. Now it’s all about a fresh, sleek look. Dramatic decadence or opulence – whatever does it for you. When other design elements are kept simple, the veining of the marble takes centre stage. If you have white countertops, these will be beautifully enhanced by a Carrara marble slab wall and marble tile flooring, offering an ultra-clean, minimal look. Add contrast and a pop of colour with the fixtures you choose to enhance the overall look.

Living Room

Perhaps less associated with marble than kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms are underrated choices for contemporary marble walling. Adding an elegant look to what is typically thought of as the most utilised room of the house, marble walls are an excellent choice for families of all kinds. If you’re going for a minimalist living room, marble is the optimal choice given its clean, smooth look. If not, not to worry! Due to its versatility, marble can also be used as an excellent backdrop for family frames and other keepsakes. Whatever look you’re going for, marble is a top notch choice!

Where to find Marble in Malta

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