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If you’re looking to give your home a luxurious feel, there’s nothing that compares to the sophistication of marble. Used in countless high class hotels and establishments around the world, marble tiling immediately gives the space a lavish look and feel. It can make any room feel elegant and of a high stature. Learn about the varieties of marble and how it can give your home the luxurious atmosphere you’ve always dreamed about!

Types of Marble

There are countless types of marble, but all can be categorized into three main ones. Each differ in origin, the look of the veins, as well as in colour.

Carrara marble is the most popular of the three. Ranging in hues from light to warm white, its medium to light grey veining offers a sophisticated look.

Calacatta marble typically comes in purer white than Carrara. With its dark grey veining, it immediately creates a contrast which adds a nice element to the look of the overall room.

Breccia marble is the darker of the three. It comes in various dark shades including black, deep browns, and reds.

Marble Finishes

Marble is an extremely versatile material. It comes in various finishes, depending on how you want its overall look as well as based on where it will be installed. Also, the design of the veining of marble varies from one piece to the next, ensuring a certain uniqueness.

Polished marble is perhaps the most popular finish for this type of tiling. It leaves a sleek look, brought on by the buffers and polishes which gives it its shiny and clean appearance. This type of finish makes the tiles less porous and therefore easier to maintain than other floor finishes. A downside to having polished marble, however, is that it scratches easily. Thus it may not be the ideal material for pet owners whose pets have sharp nails. It can also get quite slippery when wet, so for spaces like bathrooms it is not ideal. For bathrooms it is best to install polished marble mosaics which have more grout lines to reduce slipping.

Honed marble tiling is another common finish. Its look is created by removing small bits of stone from the tiles, giving it an old-timely look. A great advantage to this finish type is that it resists scratches, and is therefore perfect for high-traffic areas like living rooms and kitchens.

Tumbled marble is especially useful for bathroom tiling. It’s made by being tumbled in a drum with rocks and other abrasives, creating small holes and chips on its surface. This allows it to be non-slip as your feet have a better grip on the tile. It’s smooth look also makes it a great choice for other rooms around the house.

Brushed marble has a very unique look. It’s timeworn appearance produces a homey feel to even the most contemporary of houses. Manufacturers achieve this finish by gently brushing the surface of the marble until some texture is added. The aged worn look is exceptional in any home, but it’s important to clean brushed marble tiling quite regularly as dust easily collects in the textured surface.

Benefits of Marble Tiling

There are countless benefits to using marble for your floor tiling. Apart from the fact that marble tiling is gorgeous in any room, it’s very easily cleaned due to its smooth surface, which is a big plus especially for families with young children. Unlike other materials, it can also be re-polished after a few years of its losing its shine, bringing it back to its original beauty to enjoy for many more years. Due to its translucence, marble also enlarges any room as it allows light to reflect off its surface. Choosing a light-coloured marble also creates the illusion of a bigger and brighter room, which is especially useful for small and dark areas of the house where natural light isn’t much seen.

Furthermore, marble is a highly durable material because of its purity. Its firm surface ensures that it’s a heavy-duty material which avoids cracks in its foundation. Marble is also resistant to shattering, so you can have complete peace-of-mind when it is out for delivery that it will arrive at your home just as perfect as when it left the warehouse.

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