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Often celebrated for its natural colouring and varied, striking patterns, travertine is a natural stone that adds a certain element of sophistication and elegance to any household. Travertine tiling on staircases is yet another way of using this stone to create a sense of opulence in your home. You can enhance its effects further with a few tips and tricks, a few of which we’ve compiled below just for you!

Use lighting effectively

Cast fun patterns on the stairs by using wood lights in the shapes of flowers or stars, or install button lights in the middle of each step. Knob lights on railings or bannisters are also a fun idea. Not only does lighting bring out the natural beauty of the stone and other materials used on the staircase, but it also makes it safer to go up and down at night by providing a clearer pathway. Lanterns or strands of fairy lights can also add a feeling of romance and whimsy.

Add some colour

Different shades and patterns can add character and make a statement. Place striped carpets along the staircase, or add visual interest as well as an extra layer of dimension by placing a stair runner in a bold pattern.

Create an art gallery

Don’t underestimate the effect that paintings can have on your space; there’s a reason the staircase is often the so-called “art gallery” of the household. To create an atmosphere of energy and liveliness, choose paintings in hues of reds, yellows, and oranges. Alternatively, choose seascapes or pictures with blue or greenish colours for a restful, soothing vibe. For a more personalised look, you can even include family portraits and photos that mark memorable occasions.

Show off your most treasured possessions

Build shelves along the staircase to showcase your favourite belongings, thus giving guests a sense of who you are and what is important to you. Knickknacks, souvenirs, or pretty ornaments are ideal, along with photos of holidays or any interesting trips you’ve been on.

Upgrade your banister

Incorporate a rustic touch by installing an oak log handrail, and bring the outdoors indoors by placing some outdoor lighting at the base of your steps. Another cool idea is using a nautical rope as railings – these can be made from natural or synthetic hemp. Hang up pictures of the sea or ships sailing to really tie the theme together.

As providers of natural stone in Malta, we at Natural Stone Warehouse understand the importance of owning a home that you can be proud of. A travertine staircase is both impressive and stunning, adding a definite ‘wow’ factor to your house. We can supply you with both affordable and high quality travertine in Malta, and deliver and install all our products so you don’t have to.

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