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Whether you’re designing a brand new bathroom or revamping your old one, tiles are undeniably the first thing that should pop up. Tiles can decorate a bathroom like nothing else can, and given the versatility of tiling in terms of material, finish, colour, grouting, etc, we understand that choosing the right ones for your bathroom is a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all you need to know to choose the floor and wall tiles which are sure to deliver the look you want for your bathroom!

Decide on the material of your bathroom tiles

The first thing you need to decide is what material you want your bathroom floor and wall tiles to be. Due to considerations like condensation and splashing of water, some materials are immediately ruled out. So, the most popular choices are manmade and natural stone, both of which have their pros and cons. Manmade stone is typically inexpensive and easy to care for, yet lack the uniqueness of natural stone. On the other hand, the other material requires more attention to ensure that the quality is preserved, but offers a handful of character to your bathroom. From natural stone, the 3 most popular which can be used for bathrooms are travertine, marble, and limestone:

Travertine is a common choice for practically all rooms around the house. With its warm tones and matchless design, it is a top quality selection for both bathroom floor and wall tiles. Especially for bathroom floors, it’s best that the travertine is filled so as to stop water from entering the stone.

Marble is a gorgeous natural stone to use for your bathroom. Given its opulence and range in colour tones and veining patterns, it is another frequently used stone especially for high class hotel bathrooms. It is important, however, that if marble is chosen for bathroom floors it is not polished, as polished marble can get very slippery when wet and cause accidents.

Limestone is a super stylish stone which is often selected for both bathroom floor and wall tiles. It gives off a pale finish but can also vary in colour. Since it is softer than other natural stones, it is prone to scratches and is therefore best suited for an ensuite rather than a family bathroom.

Match the floor tiles with the wall tiles

When choosing which tiles to use for your bathroom floor, you also need to consider how they’ll match the wall tiles. For simplicity’s sake, some select one tile type, finish, and colour, and use it for both their floor and wall. This doesn’t just lessen the hassle of choosing two different tiles for your bathroom, but also creates a spa-like atmosphere and guarantees a sense of coherency. If you don’t want them to look exactly alike, you can always use the same type of stone but select a different finish or colour for the walls or floor. There’s loads of opportunity for contrasting wall and floor tiles, so don’t be scared to get creative!

Consider the size of the tiles

Despite some people thinking that the size of the tiles needs to match the size of the room, both small and big tiles look exceptional in small bathrooms. Since bigger tiles require less grouting, they enlarge the room and make the floor look less cluttered. That’s not to say, however, that bigger-sized tiles are better than small tiles for bathrooms. The right small tiles can take a small bathroom to the next level. Whichever tile size you choose, colour is also vital to make your bathroom look bigger. Go for neutral and lighter colours to give your bathroom a larger look.

Think about grouting

Apart from selecting the tile itself, the colour grouting you choose will also make a big difference in terms of the room’s overall look. Whilst traditional grouting was always white, today many choose to experiment with their grouting colour to add dimension to their tiles and enhance the tiles’ features. For example, a dark-coloured grouting matched with white tiles emphasises the tiles’ shape and intensifies its appearance. Grout typically comes in either white or black, but other colours such as beige, brown, grey, and moss green are oftentimes available and can be just the added colour your bathroom needs to complete its look. What’s most important is that the grout you choose is mould-resistant as it save lots of time and effort when cleaning!

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