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Why should you choose The Natural Stone Warehouse for your tiling needs? It’s simple. Natural stone is a supplier of marble tiles and natural stone in Malta. We stock a vast range of high-end tiles at affordable prices.

Tiles that don’t break the bank

At the Natural Stone Warehouse, stone such as marble and travertine is affordable. We work straight from our warehouse, meaning that we don’t have some of the overheads which our competitors have. This makes our business more efficient both from a cost perspective, and also with our resources.

No Wasting of Materials

Customers get exactly what they order because all our tiles on display are in stock and can be inspected. We carry various sizes of stone according to our customers’ needs, ensuring that no material is wasted and that our buyers don’t pay extra for materials they didn’t use. Less waste also means that the environment isn’t negatively affected, making it a win-win for all.

High-Quality Materials

An important thing to consider when designing a space is the material’s durability. Stone floors are a solid choice as it’s an incredibly strong material – no wonder the most ancient, still-standing structures are made of stone! The stone we stock at our warehouse is high-quality and hard-wearing, resulting in long-lasting stone.

Same Day Delivery is a possibility

We understand our customers’ eagerness to have their vision come to life, which is why we guarantee delivery within a few days of purchase, which often includes same-day delivery! This is only possible because our products are always in stock and displayed at our warehouse, thus saving the time it would otherwise have taken if the materials had to be transported from overseas.

Hassle-Free Installations

We also offer installation of our tiles so that homeowners and interior designers don’t have to stress about things not being done on time, nor have to worry about finding the right people to do the job. Our experienced professionals ensure that your tiles are perfect from the moment they leave the warehouse till installation. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Vast Collections

At The Natural Stone Warehouse, you can find the largest stock of travertine in Malta, as well as a wide selection of marble, sandstone, limestone, and slate. Regardless of your style, you can rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our warehouse, all at exceptionally low prices!

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team at The Natural Stone Warehouse takes pride in what we offer. Book an appointment today to view our wonderful range of the best, most affordable natural stone in Malta!

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