Are you looking to purchase travertine for your home but are not sure what maintenance is involved? Here are some hints and tips on how to keep your travertine immaculate.

Cleaning Travertine Tiles

Whether you have given your bathroom or living space a luxurious feel with travertine tiles, it is vital that you also know how to care for this type of tiling. Since travertine is a naturally-occurring stone and tends to absorb chemicals and liquids, special care needs to be taken. Avoid harsh coloured chemicals. The ideal floor cleaner must have a balanced Ph so look for products that are not too acidic or alkaline.

Always test what you’re going to use before using it by placing a small spot on a part of the surface which is less visible.

Maintaining Travertine floors

The trick to keeping travertine floors superb-looking is regular sweeping with a simple soft broom. Sweeping a few times per week will suffice. Try and avoid vacuum cleaning unless you use the vacuum’s soft brush for this type of flooring.

Clean spills as they happen

Due to travertine’s porous nature, spills such as red wine or orange juice can be damaging to the colour. Ideally once a spill occurs, it is immediately wiped clean. If the stain has settled, use a poultice to remove it.

Seal travertine floors and pavers

During the installation process, it is recommended that you seal your travertine floors and pavers. This protects the travertine from stains and mildew.

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