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Once confined to the interiors of the kitchen and bathroom, tiles have now been welcomed in all other floor coverings within the house. Multiple textures and finishes have been added to the latest designs in architecture and flooring, adding character and beauty for a stylish home. Here are some factors to think about when selecting tiling for your home:

1. Home Style

What’s your home like? Is it modern, traditional, or a blend of both? Whether it’s Art Deco, Colonial, or Contemporary, spend some time deciding on how your choice of tiles is going to complement the overall theme of your house.

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to understand how to achieve your ideal style. There are numerous interior design apps through which you can create a mock-up of your vision to visually decide what works well. Also, don’t underestimate second opinions; ask your family/friends what they think about your choices, and if you’re still unsure, visit us in Naxxar for professional advice!

2. Room Sizes

Space and cohesion are both important to keep in mind for any room in your home. Use light-coloured tiles to make a small room seem bigger and airier; darker tones are better suited for large spaces. Gloss tiles are an excellent choice for narrow corridors and box rooms, as they create the illusion of a wider area. Moreover, using larger tiles also make small rooms seem bigger, given that grout lines are smaller and thinner.

3. Colour

Additionally, the colour of your tiles definitely affects the mood and atmosphere of each room. Generally, most want to create a feeling of restfulness and relaxation, thus typically go for cooler colours for spaces like living rooms and corridors, and warmer colours for kitchens and bedrooms. Some immediately go for basic colours such as white, beige, or cream for all areas in their home, but don’t be afraid to experiment with fun colours for a child’s playroom, for example.

4. Lighting

In order to brighten up dark spaces, use gloss tiles. These will reflect natural light already in the room, thus creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Lighter colours will also achieve the same effect. It’s also important to remember that the placement of light sources makes a difference in the way that the light is reflected upon the tiles, which can create a different vibe entirely.

5. Texture and Pattern

One of the most important features in a floor covering is its durability. This is where natural stone comes in. With its natural beauty creating a pattern of its own, along with its resistance to heavy traffic and its ability to withstand a lot of wear and tear, it is undeniably a frontrunner in the tiling scene. Kitchens need a floor surface that is smoother and thus easier to clean, whereas bathrooms could use tiles that are more rugged or textured to prevent slips and accidents.

6. Filled or Unfilled

Travertine happens to be one of the types of natural stone Malta imports from other countries. It’s currently in high demand due to its stylishness and fortitude. Unlike most natural stone, it has a perforated surface with many holes covering its exterior. These voids can either be filled with cement or resin, or be left alone to create a rougher and more natural-looking composition.

7. Grout

Grout is what is used to fill in crevices between wall or floor tiles. Grouting has multiple benefits, including highlighting the tiles’ lines and design, giving the wall/floor a smooth appearance, and adding rigidity to the installation. Adding grout also makes the surface easier to clean, as no dirt or debris falls between one tile and another. If you’ve decided to add grouting, think about your colour choice. Select a grout colour which complements your tiles to give off a more subtle effect to the overall look.

Natural Stone Warehouse is proud to offer some of the best in quality and beauty when it comes to tiling your home. If you’re looking for trustworthy providers of marble or travertine in Malta, we’re here to help. We also guarantee prompt delivery along with installation services and cost-effective solutions. If you would like to find out more, contact us today!

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