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From granite to slate, the range of natural stone materials at our disposal nowadays is staggering. One stone in particular – marble – is quite a popular choice for those looking for a contemporary styled design, given its clean and polished look. Check out these 6 reasons why homeowners and interior designers should opt for marble tiling in Maltese homes:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether for your home or commercial premises, marble flooring not only looks beautiful, but gives the space a sense of opulence and sophistication. Since marble is a natural material, each piece varies slightly from the other, lending each tile its own unique personality. It also comes in many colours, so there is something to match every taste and space.

Easily Cleaned & Polished

Marble doesn’t collect dirt due to its smooth surface, and is therefore very easy to clean and maintain. It can also be re-polished to bring back the original shine that may have been lost after a few years, as unlike many other stone flooring materials, marble is a very hard stone surface that can take an extremely high polish. This allows manufacturers to get the surface of marble extremely smooth and shiny, as well as bring out the natural colours of the stone.

Enlarges & Lightens the Room

When used as flooring, marble has the ability to visually enlarge a space, as its translucent quality allows light to reflect off its surface. And with Malta’s 300 days of sunshine a year, who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

Quick Tip! Using a light-coloured marble also aids to make a room appear bigger and brighter, so keep that in mind when choosing colours for your marble, especially if it’s for a small and dark room!

Durable & Versatile

The purity of marble makes it a highly durable material. Since it has a hard surface, marble is very hardwearing and avoids cracks or chips, which is especially useful for tabletop corners. Marble is also resistant to shattering, meaning that you can have complete peace-of-mind when it is out for delivery that it will arrive at its destination just as perfect as when it left the warehouse. Moreover, given its versatility, marble is an optimal choice for various locations around the house, such as kitchen countertops, vanity tops, shower walls, and others.


Being an all-natural material, this stone is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and toxic-free. It therefore does not pose any dangers through toxic chemicals as do some types of vinyl and laminate.


Marble is known for its luxuriousness. Yet, it doesn’t mean that it has to break the bank. You can find a wide range of gorgeous marble tiles at very affordable prices from Natural Stone Warehouse in Naxxar!

So, if you are looking for a visually stunning space, marble is an excellent choice. At Natural Stone Warehouse, we have the finest quality cut travertine marble, quarried straight out of Turkey’s natural stone deposits. Whatever your design aesthetic, contact us today to find the perfect natural stone in Malta to suit your needs from our wide range of stock, all available for quick delivery!

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