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Oftentimes an afterthought for new homeowners or renovators, designing the outdoor area of a home should be just as important as designing the inside. Yet, it can get pretty overwhelming to remember everything that needs to be done. So, we’ve compiled 4 need-to-know tips that are vital to consider when planning and finishing your outdoor area.

Pool Coping

Pool coping is the top layer which covers the edges of the swimming pool structure, separating the pool itself from the pool decking. When building or revamping a home pool, it’s important to think about how you want your pool coping to be. The most popular material for pool coping is Travertine given its durability and functionality. There are still several choices which need to be made for Travertine pool coping though, such as its finish and colour.

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Non-Slip Travertine

Apart from using Travertine for pool coping, you can also use the material for outdoor floor tiling and wall tiling. You may choose to give all your outside tiling areas the same coherent look by using the same tiles exactly for all spaces. You can also, however, vary the looks by utilising Travertine’s various finishes and colours. Whichever you decide all depends on the kind of overall look you’re going for in your outdoor area.

A big advantage of using Travertine for tiling next to pools or outdoors in general is that it is a non-slip surface. This means that whether from pool water or rainwater, it won’t get slippery when wet. Another advantage is that it is heat resistant, thus will always keep your feet cool despite the burning sun.

Light Exposure

Outdoor areas are undoubtedly more difficult to design in terms of lighting than indoor spaces. This is because whilst inside you can decide how much natural light to allow in using curtains or blinds, you don’t have that same option for outside. Especially in very sunny places like Malta, it’s important to remember that the sun shines for most of the day during summertime, which means that you need to think about how it will affect your outdoor look. So, what does this have to do with tiling?

When planning your outdoor tiling it’s vital to check which spaces are touched by the sun and which aren’t. Using dark-coloured tiles for spaces with lots of shade will make the area look gloomy. On the other hand, using light-coloured tiles in very sunny parts will make it feel washed out. It’s best, therefore, to use dark tiles for sunny spaces and light tiles for shady spaces.

Consistent Tiling

In order to create a coherent look in your outdoor space, ensure that the tiling which you choose for your pool coping, outdoor floor tiles, and wall tiles match in some way or other to the outdoor furniture. Matching doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to have the exact same colour and style, but to ensure that they all contribute to the overall look which you’re going for.

Furthermore, don’t forget to match your outdoor space with your indoor space. Again, whilst they need not be exactly the same, you should make sure that both outdoor and indoor spaces contribute to one consistent atmosphere.

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