Originating from Italy all the way back to Ancient Roman times, travertine has always been a very popular choice for building material. Today, travertine is supplied worldwide from places like Turkey, Mexico, Peru, and Iran, each one offering stone which is distinct from the rest.

Here are a few features of travertine that make it stand out from other natural stones.

Its Colour Range

An important feature which makes travertine so popular is the range of colours it comes in. The colour of each travertine tile depends on the stone’s specific origin, and its organic impurities as a result of its location. Travertine comes in various shades of beige, brown, silver, grey, gold, yellow, red, and green, meaning that you have countless colour choices to choose from, and practically ensuring uniqueness from your stone to another’s.

Its Variety of Finishes

Travertine is also very versatile with its finishes, making each tile look completely distinct from the other, and thus establishing individuality in your tiles. There are 6 finishes which are most popular with this tile:

  1. The tumbled finish gives a matte, rustic, and aged look to your tiles, making it perfect for exterior paving.
  2. The filled and honed tile offers a smooth finish and can be used for both interior and exterior settings, especially popular in bathrooms.
  3. Unlike others, the polished travertine has a glossy and reflective finish, and is ideal for benchtops and countertops.
  4. The brushed travertine finish is not as popular as others, but is a strong contender nonetheless! Due to its cut, this stone is left unfilled and therefore feels quite rugged, so is typically used for outdoor locations like pool sides.
  5. With its rough surface and natural look, the split face finish is typically chosen for walls, backsplashes, and fireplace settings.
  6. Normally chosen for exterior footpaths, the bush-hammered travertine has a jagged and weathered texture which enhances the stone’s natural tonal variations.

Its Cut Types

This type of stone has two different cut options, both of which completely change the overall look of the tiles. With the Vein cut travertine, the slabs are cut parallel to the bedding plane, thus highlighting the layers and veins of the stone parallel to the tile’s surface. In contrast, the cross-cut – also known as Fleuri cut – travertine has a smooth finish with a swirly and hazy look due to the stone’s layering of patterns and colour shades.

Other Important Features

Nowadays, countless international projects make use of this stone. Its light weight and natural appearance make it especially ideal for exterior cladding works.

Moreover, because of its high production capacity and reasonable price, it’s often used in the construction of hotels, holiday villages, and hospitals. New home buyers and renovators also frequently select it for floor tiling and walls.

Travertine is also highly durable because of its strong resistance to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Its colour variety and homogenous structure make it especially suited to specially designed areas, such as fireplace surroundings and pool sides.

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